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Workplace Emergency Safety Group, WES Group for short, is about making your business resilient, compliant, safe and capable of dealing with any emergency event.

We achieve this by providing the following services:

*  Emergency Procedures & Response Plans     *  Emergency Training       *  Fire Extinguisher Training     *  Evacuation Exercises 

*  Evacuation Diagrams        *  Risk Assessment & Analysis

*  Warden Training - accredited or non accredited 

Why Us?

We believe in working with you, not just for you. This means we need to listen, understand and learn what it is you require to reach and maintain your workplace safety obligations.

Coming from a range of emergency, risk and/or safety related backgrounds, means WES Group staff are industry connected and qualified to deliver high quality services.

Are you prepared for any emergency?

Emergencies can take many forms. Some examples are listed below:

*  Fire     *  Bomb threat     *  Medical     *  Storm & tempest / natural disaster     *  Terrorism threat  *  Personal threat  *  Hazardous substance spill     *  Armed hold up

WES Group can undertake a risk assessment and analysis to determine your emergency management needs.

Planning and plans are essential.

Planning for unforeseen events, and having the right policy, procedures and plans in place can drastically reduce the impacts of emergency events in terms of dollars loss, and business continuity.

Engaging Workplace Emergency Safety (WES) Group to support your framework can improve employee morale and drastically improve employee safety.

Did you know there are mandatory requirements under WH&S legislation for a workplace to have emergency procedures, response plans, evacuation diagrams, evacuation exercises and training in place?

Risks and hazards.

WES Group staff will work with you to identify the hazards associated with the workplace and the subsequent risks to the organisation.

This information can be used in many operational ways:

*  Risk analysis and impact assessments     *  Business continuity planning  

*  Site specific emergency training and exercising     *Ongoing situational support

*  Emergency procedures manuals


WES Group staff have a broad skill base across risk, safety and emergency management disciplines. Practical experience backed by formal qualifications.

Because of those backgrounds, we:

*  Provide training packages that are tailored to suit your workplace     *  Are up to date with current and emerging legislation, standards, and codes of practice     * Can deliver best practice

All our training equipment is state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly.

All of our training resources are aligned to current Public Safety Training package modules, can be delivered face-to-face or on-line, and in either accredited or non-accredited formats.


Need your policy, procedures and/or training validated?

Workplace Emergency Safety (WES) Group provide a range of audit, review, exercise and test services to analyse the effectiveness and compliance of the risk, communications, safety and emergency management aspects of any workplace or organisation.

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